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CIP cleaning system

CIP cleaning system

Also being a whole producing equipment, the CIP cleaning device is an automatic and safe cleaning system by simple operation.

 It is almost be introduced to all the factories of food, drink, pharmacy and so on. The CIP cleaning system not only can clean the machine, but also can control the microorganism.

The CIP device has merits as follows:

1、 It can rationalize the production schedule and improve the production capacity.

2、 Compared with hand-washing, it will not influence the cleaning result for the differences of the manipulator, but also can improve the quality of the products.

3、 It can prevent the danger form the working and save the labor force.

 4、 It can save the clear pharmaceutical, steam, water and the cost during the production.

5、 It can increase the service life of the parts of the machine.

6、 There are three kinds of the CIP cleaning device for choosing: manual, semi-automatic and complete automatic.


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