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Vertical Colloidal mill

Colloid mill


Product explanation

The colloid mill is a fluid ultramicro smashing machinery. It performs the functions of smashing, emulsification, dispersing, homogen, milling and so on. Main use and coverage Food service industry: fruit tea, soymilk, ice cream, the fillings of moon cake, bean products, drink, juice, jam Construction: the paint inside and outside of the wall, the porcelain paint, the multi- colors paint, the anticorrosion and waterproof paint,

the antiflaming paint Stationers industry: ink, painting ink, pencil lead, advertising color, artists’ oil colour Chemical industry: grease, paint, emulsified bitumen, detergent, leather dyestuff Medicine industry: Biological products, vaccine, medicinal ointment, each kind of oral liquid Daily expenses industry: washing floods, toothpaste, shoe polish, jacket oil, cosmetics Besides, the colloid mill is also used in plastic industry, textile, paper industry and so on.


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